Thursday, December 07, 2006

Where Old Chevys Go To Die

This is a junkyard in Campbellsville, KY where old Chevys go to die. I found it one day while cruising around, burning time on a visit to my daughter in college. My father is a HUGE old car enthusiast and I knew he would love the place. Old 57's stretch across the front of the property, while cars of every vintage in the last 70 years sprawl through the grass and woods surrounding the empty shack that sits on a knoll in the midst of the abandoned decay. I took my father to see it a week ago and his reaction was exactly as I predicted - like a kid in a candy shop. His eyes got huge and his voice filled with awe as he poked around the old cars, reciting makes, years and various details of each vehicle. My daughter's eyes rolled back into her head as she complained "I can't believe we're doing this, someone is going to shoot us!" I informed her that it's the least we can do for her grandpa, who endured the ride down here to see her and listen to her boyfriend's recital. A few times I saw the thoughts clicking through my Dad's head as he eyeballed the back of the van and a particularly appealing piece of old car..."will it fit? Should I take it home?" He didn't lug anything home this time, but I bet he's cleaning out his garage to make room for treasure retrieved on the next trip.